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Visit Kinky Fridays on Steam to see all our games! Remember to turn on Adult Only Sexual Content to see everything!


We are Kinky Fridays, and we create lewd adult-only games! The studio was founded in 2019 on the backs of veteran game producers, developers, and artists with more than 15 years of hard work under our belts. Kinky is taking our combined experiences and pushing deep into the adult scene, and our excitement is enormous. We cannot wait to start showing off the fruits of our labor, and if you choose to join us we guarantee a fantastic ride!


We are all gamers at heart! When we design our games, we design them to focus on delivering a unique, engaging and titillating experience for all who play. Kinky Fridays will do her very best to make every game diverse in the taste offerings, so if you do not find something here you like let us know!
Pieces of My Heart
Sapphire Safari
Wet Nightmares
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